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St. Domingo de la Calzada, Engineer of the Land.
At Last, a Reasonable Interpretation of the Rooster and Hen Miracle

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By Javier Pérez Escohotado
Illustrations by Saturio Alonso Millán
English translation by Jennifer Brooke Hoge

Colección Arte e Historia, nº 8
160 pages, 17 x 12 cm. Weight: 160 gr.

Ediciones Emilianenses, 2009. Logroño.
ISBN: 978-84-937178-1-0

PVP: 14 euros.

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This Life and devoted and curious readers will have in their hands is the result of a series of analyses about the miracles of this saint, constructor of bridges and roads, driving force behind other civil works all along the Way of St. James.



This biographical essay uses the, shall we say, "canonical" biography by Gonzalez Tejada as a point of departure, providing both context and analysis of certain statements of the author. Additionally, the essay includes two studies centered on the rooster and hen miracle, key to the life and fame of St. Domingo de la Calzada. The commonly called "miracle" in fact consists of the miracle of the hanged pilgrim as well as the wonder of the rooster and hen resurrection, a story or miracle referred to here as the "Calzada Coalescence."

Likewise, possible sources of the rooster and hen wonder - not taken into account until now- are discovered and documented: debased alchemy and books of entertainment.

In the footnotes, an extensive bibliography cites the medieval religious practice of the masses, the Way of St. James, and the medieval history of La Rioja.

JAVIER PÉREZ ESCOHOTADO, professor of Language and Literature, has taught classes and courses at various universities and he regularly collaborates with the press. Moreover, he is the author of the books of poetry, Laura llueve (2000) and Papel japón (2002). He has published, among other works, the following: Antonio de Medrano, alumbrado epicúreo. Proceso
inquisitorial. Toledo 1530
(2003), Sexo e Inquisición en España (1992 and 1998), an
excellent, rigorous, and entertaining essay, Chascarrillos, dichos y decires..., Ediciones Emilianenses, (2008, 2.ª ed.), and Donjuanes, bígamos y libertinos. El filo de la Historia, in the volume Rebeldes from Los Olvidados de la Historia
(2004 y 2005.) His latest book, Crítica de la razón gastronómica (2007), takes an
in-depth look at the history of food, as well as the phenomenon of Ferran Adrià and the gastronomical works
of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.
He has collaborated in the anthology of Spanish poetry, Poemas memorables: antología consultada y comentada 1939-1999 (1999.)
Likwise, he has edited and written the prologue for Vida trágica de D. Santiago González Mateo, Job del siglo XVIII y XIX (2001 y 2009) and Jaime Gil de Biedma. Conversaciones (2002.)

Ilustration by Saturio Alonso

SATURIO ALONSO, born in Spain (1954) and currently living in Ireland, is a sculptor with a background as a painter and graphic designer. He was a member of the group El Cubri in Spain until his move to Ireland in 1980. He is a founding member of Artcore, a mentor in KCAT, Callan Co. Kilkenny and his work can be found in various public spaces around Ireland and in private and public collections in Europe and America. As a graphic artist his work includes:
Tal como eramos. El Cubri. Ediciones de Ponent. 2008. Chascarrillos, Dichos y Decires… Ediciones Emilianenses, 2008, 2.ª ed. Image for Kilkenny Arts Festival, 2007. Francografias, El Cubri. Edicions de Ponent, 2006. Image for Kilkenny Arts Festival, 2006. De Milagros y Fronteras, Gobierno de la Rioja, 1999. El que parte y reparte se queda con la major parte, El Cubri. Editorial Fundamentos, 1974.

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+14 years
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Discovering the life of St Domingo de la Calzada
Discovering the life in the Middle Ages
Learning about popular culture and legends
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Language and Literature
Social Sciences, Geography, and History



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